I honestly think that Fallout 3 was better than New Vegas. The Mojave Wasteland was nowhere near as interesting or fun as going through a post-apocalyptic D.C. “


After playing both..I’d say I love New Vegas better. There is just so much to love about it. So fucking much.


awesome new percs



I will be honest though, the only Fallout 3 DLC I personally love is Mothership Zeta and I played all the others; but the biggest disappointment was Broken Steel. “


whoever submitted this one is seriously fucking retarded.

I submitted this and that’s fucking rude honestly. I’m not by any means retarded. I’m actually quite intelligent. This is just my opinion and I’m sorry you aren’t tolerate because of it. People do have opinions, you know and not everyone is going to agree all the time. 

And to the others: I couldn’t get into Point Lookout not only because it kept crashing (the only dlc that did so and repeatedly) but because everything was ridiculously difficult thus making it not fun at all and also the story in the DLC wasn’t awesome either. 

Broken Steel was a big disappointment only because I only ended up killing random Enclave soldiers and just destroying one more base without it having no impact on anything whatsoever. I expected MUCH MORE out of it and yes I did all of the other side quests too. It may of prolonged the game but the DLC itself was disappointing. I do like things to end, you know? 

Anchorage was difficult and not fun at all. Just very difficult and it felt really weak in regard to story despite getting cool weapons etc; also so very tedious and confusing on what to do at least for me and I re-read/watched/talked to a lot of the characters many times and still I ended up giving it to my bf to finish because it was ridiculous in of itself.

The Pitt was okay in terms of story. I never had any moral dilemma when I was in there. I already kind of knew what the decision I would be making when I approached and talked to Asher. It just wasn’t a big deal to me. 

But seriously telling me to gtfo even in jesting is ridiculous. This is my opinion whether or not that you like it and I’m sorry. This is just how I felt when I was playing all of them and the reason why I liked Mothership Zeta? Because it was away from the Capital Wasteland and felt new in regards in story to me and also because aliens are pretty cool ;P Not to mention I got to be in space for a bit and I love space and all that jazz. Hahaha

You guys may countered but that is my opinion on it. 


I never have any followers. I hate that when they come with me I am responsible for them, and I hate the guilt that accompanies their inevitable demise.”


They can’t die unless you play in hardcode mode in Fallout NV. 

so basically nobody knows how the fuck you say Charon’s name


tulip says share-on and greta/carol (i forget which) says sharr-en and ahzrukhal says sharon

and chances are none of those are the correct pronounciation of the name of the character he’s named after

how did that even happen

like did he just have a name tag at first and everyone read it differently or what

Charon is the name of Pluto’s moon of course. 

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